Where angels cry walkthrough

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Also collect your cross pendant and a key, and take your et ring from the desk. Now examine the chest on the floor and use your key to open it, then examine the puzzle. You need to get adjacent colors to match. The easiest solution is to click the top-middle knob twice, then the middle-right knob twice.

You will end up receiving a ring gemstone. Combine this with your et ring. Move the green curtain on the right and take your robes. Go through the archway. Pick up the bucket, then head through the door on the left to find the garden. Talk to Brother Boris here, then continue past him to the left. Pick up the shovel, hay, log and 2 flint stones. Continue forward into the tool shed, where you can find an empty basket, a sharpening stone and a hoe. Walk back 5 times so that you are outside the monastery, then go left to the stables. Pick up the shears and axe here, then go back to Brother Boris in the gardens.

Approach the tomatoes and use your shears to collect all 20 of them. Put them in your basket. Back out twice and go through the door on the right to find the kitchen. Also collect some cabbage seeds, a brick and a glove. Go to the garden again, then continue past Boris to the left again. Place your log on top of the stump. Use your sharpening stone on your axe, then use the axe on the log to create fire wood.

Open the furnace here and put the hay and fire wood inside, then light it with your flint stones. Put your brick into the fire, then get it back again using your glove. Return to Brother Boris once more. Use your hoe on the ground to the right of him, then plant the cabbage seeds and cover the seeds using your shovel. Go back once and look at the well on the right.

Attach your bucket to the rope, then use your brick on the mechanism to melt the ice. Use the bucket and you will fill it with water. Return to the garden and pour where angels cry walkthrough on the soil. Go back and head through the right door to the kitchen.

Talk to Brother Ezio, then give him the basket of tomatoes. Go back outside of the monastery and approach the large kneeling statue. Look at its face. Also collect where angels cry walkthrough cogwheel, a round decorated disc and a hammer. Back out, then go forward twice to enter the monastery. the boxes 1 smallest up to 5 largest and make the following moves:.

Also collect another cogwheel, a round decorated disc and a shovel. Go further forward on the left and you will go straight to the tool shed. Pick up the pincers, pliers, a bucket and another cogwheel. Go back twice, then right into the kitchen, where you can find the infirmary key, a spoon, a round decorated disc and a cogwheel.

Go back and use your bucket on the well, then click on the bucket to fill it with water. Use your infirmary key on the locked door here, then go through. Take the sharp metal rod from under the bed, then examine the table on the left. Use your hammer on the brick that is sticking out further than the others, then look at the puzzle that is revealed. Insert the 3 decorated round discs into the empty slots to activate the puzzle, then solve it by repeatedly pressing the buttons to rotate the discs and form a picture of a horse start with the bottom left button, then bottom right, then top right, and finally top left.

You will receive a second red ruby. Now examine the furnace on the right. Use your bucket of water to put out the fire, then use your pincers on the coals to get a third red ruby. Go back out, then right into the kitchen again. Look at the floor to the left of the table, and use your pliers to remove the 4 nails from the floor. Next use your sharp metal rod to lift up the floor panel, and use your spoon to retrieve the fourth red ruby. Go back 3 times and examine the base of the statue.

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Use your shovel to clear the snow, then examine the lock mechanism. Insert your 4 red rubies in the slots, and your 4 cogwheels on the poles next to them.

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You will now meet the ghost of Brother John. After your conversation, pick up the black pyramid from the floor on the left. Talk to Bertold in the stables, then collect the pliers and a nail before going back outside and walking forward towards the monastery. Pick up the bucket from left of the archway, then continue forward once more. Use the bucket on the well to the right and fill it like you did ly. Pick up the cloth from the stand on the left, then go through the middle door to the infirmary. Speak to brother Yuri in where angels cry walkthrough, then pick up the salt from the floor behind him.

Examine the furnace to the right and take the violet flower. Next examine the table on the left and pick up another violet flower, another nail, and a bag of rosemary. Return outside, then go through the left door to the garden and pick up the hammer. Continue further to the left and pick up the watercress, another nail, some hay, and 2 violet flowers. Now enter the tool shed and pick up another nail, another violet flower, some white wine, a brush and a bobby pin.

Return back 3 times to the courtyard, then enter the kitchen on the right. Talk to brother Ezio here, then collect 3 more violet flowers, a bowl, some olive oil and some sugar. Examine the pot behind brother Ezio, and add all the soup ingredients on the recipe that appears.

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Now collect the soup in your bowl. Back out, and enter the infirmary again, then give the soup to Brother Yuri. After he leaves, look at the table again and examine the small box.

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Use your bobby pin on it to get a permission letter from inside. Go back 3 times, and then left to the stables again. Enter the first stall on the right and pick up the new horseshoe. Pour the water from your bucket into the empty bucket, and place your hay in the box to the left. Use your cloth on the water bucket to make it wet. Use the wet cloth and then the brush on the horse. Look at the horse's foot and use your pliers on the 4 nails to remove them.

Use your new horseshoe, then use your 4 nails on it, and hammer them in with your hammer. Now leave the stables and back out once more, then approach the church on the right. Talk to the Templar at the door, then go inside. Also click on the hidden 4 on the pillar to the right.

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Continue forward and click on two more hidden s, 7 and 6, at the bases of pillars surrounded by candles. Turn to the right and take the fresh lit candle from the top of the stand, then go back and approach the altar.

There is one more hidden 9 on the left here. Go back 3 times and approach the confession booth on the left. Pull back the curtain and examine the cross, then insert your red marble. Use your candle on the dark recess, then take the sacristy key. Go back, then head forward and where angels cry walkthrough right to where you took the candle earlier. Use your sacristy key on the locked door on the right and go through. Also find 4 wolf coins and another black pyramid, then examine the desk. Collect a 5th wolf coin, then examine the lock mechanism.

Insert your 5 wolf coins and press the head, then take the church key. Back out from the monastery and go to the church on the right. Talk to Bertold, then use your church key on the door to get inside. Collect the weight, skull and green marble, then go forward and pick up the weight and rose.

Go left and find another green marble, rose and skull. Back out and turn right, then find 2 more green marbles before entering the sacristy. In here you can find 2 more marbles, a rose, a weight, a hammer and a skull. Now examine the table on the left. Move all the books and papers out of the way.

Pick up the purple marble, then examine the puzzle. Insert your 3 skulls and 3 roses, then solve the puzzle by swapping the positions of the skulls and roses positions ed from left to right :. You will end up receiving an office key. Examine where angels cry walkthrough locked tower door to the right and take the purple marble.

Back out of the sacristy and use your office key on the left door. Look at the table and find a purple marble and a coin. Read the Book of Dark Rituals here as well, and click on the Latin text to get a translation. Now examine the large cabinet along the back left wall.

Insert your 4 purple marbles into the 4 slots. Now you need to turn all the marbles green. The trick is that the middle green marble will turn green alone if all others are already green. The shortest solution is as follows You will end up receiving a green marble. Back out twice and examine the dark tile in the floor, then smash it with your hammer.

Where angels cry walkthrough

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