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Once just off-shoots and continuations of popular anime or franchises, dating simulation games and visual novels have seen a popularity boom in recent years. These Choose Your Own Adventure -esque games are growing in popularity on Steam and other platforms for their engaging characters and storylines and loved for their ability to transport readers and make them truly feel like part of the story.

A lot of this has to do with the talent of the voice actors that bring these characters to life. A visual novel is like an interactive comic book; some are just clicked through like a story, while many have interactive elements.

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The choices a reader makes will change the way the story progresses. These could be dialogue choices or more of the "turn left" or "turn right" type. Her credits are too numerous to list, but highlights include Nozomi Kaminashi in Keijo!!!!!!!! I love what I do! Using her iMac mic, she began auditioning for the now-defunct Voice Acting Alliance, and as of this year, voice acting is her career.

Eventually, he upgraded mics, built a home studio, and now works in professional voice over as well as film directing. Before one can even dream of voicing a character, there's the audition. There are different types of auditions: Cattle calls on sites such as Voice Acting Club and Casting Call Clubprivate auditions from the likes of Sound Cadence Studios and Shining Star Castingand, of course, being booked directly. A lot of the time, auditions will only have a handful of lines for actors to read, meaning they need to really focus on making the most of those.

Creating a character from a few lines and no context isn't easy. That's when a person's skills as an actor really come into play. Connors says the first role a VA has is as an actor; their voice is just the tool. As more indie projects have come about, there have been evermore people wanting to get into voice acting, making it an even more competitive field. Lingering on an audition or checking back constantly won't do much good, according to Park. They tend to try and move on as soon as they send their takes off.

It's that constant hustle that makes voice acting a challenge, but rewarding in the amount of experience gained in a short time. I think it makes it difficult, but also interestingly fabulous that we can't break games down into neat little boxes anymore," Smith says. It's that breadth that Connors enjoys as well. Visual novels with english voice acting world of dating sims is vast and varied and has grown ificantly since the early days of bootleg downlo from Japan with sketchy English patches.

Smith, like many people in the industry, was shocked to see how prolific dating sims have become. Credit: Vicboys. Martinez is an avid lover of the genre and will be voicing love interests in the upcoming Star Trek Dating Sim as well as in Vicboys. You hit so many different emotional beats in the same session. She believes making characters that would interest players relies on the authenticity in her performance. Connors agrees that providing visual novels with english voice acting authentic experience is important. While not all dating sims may be particularly grounded in reality, players are still looking for something relatable.

It's that ability for players to connect with a character that is key for dating sims. After all, these games are mimicking a relationship. As human beings, we react to vulnerability. It can be impossible to like someone who is too 'perfect' or 'flawless,' so when characters have more sympathetic moments and interactions, I think it's key to be genuine so that players can relate. A large pool of dating sim games have an erotic element.

Sometimes it may only be implied, and other times it is fully acted with voice talent and accompanying pictures or animation. When it comes to voicing these sort of roles, a deft hand or rather, voice is needed. As well as being as natural as possible. When it comes to erotic dating sims or even visual novels that may contain mature elements, Connors insists that keeping within your personal boundaries is key. Nothing is worth compromising your comfort and integrity in that aspect. Martinez has had the same experience; the natural elements of sex and relationships are important to focus on when it comes to erotic content.

Turns out cracking puns while having sex is a thing? He also appreciates how much it helps him grow in his craft.

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However, erotic voice work isn't for everyone. Smith tends to err on the side of caution when it comes to projects she isn't sure she wants to associate her public name with. She's still figuring out her personal boundaries. Everyone's journey is different," Connors says. It's a sentiment that Martinez shares, saying, "Your performances should always enhance the text, not simply stand as a representation of it. There's also the issue of underpayment in the voice acting world. There's a lot of indie projects around, and while many are totally upfront about not being able to pay and that everyone is volunteering their work, there are some projects who try to lowball talent.

They insist that you don't have to take every role you're offered; the ability to edit and refine your voice acting career is important, especially in the early stages. Voice acting can be a difficult world to break into, and knowing how to approach your VA career is crucial.

If you want to pursue it full time, Smith says you need to commit yourself to that. If you're looking to just do it as a hobby, then make sure you balance it with your full-time job. Also, do your homework. She also recommends looking at the vndev and visualnovel hashtags on Twitter and connecting with developers, writers, and producers.

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