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Big apologies for the lack of news updates about Venture Seas these past months. Feel free to check out the new trailer and screenshots for a preview of the new assets, and let me know what you think. Unfortunately, as my standards for quality increase, it becomes far more difficult to find artists available for commission that are confident in matching the required art style. I have done some work on updating the animated sex scenes in a similar fashion, but it has proven to be far more time consuming than anticipated.

If you know an artist who is available and confident, please let venture seas patreon know! My focus is now to update all of the visuals and early game content in Venture Seas. This is to prepare Venture Seas for an early presence on Steamto prepare myself for a full release sometime around the end of the year.

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The image above contains details on what the Steam update will contain. Steam requires a waiting period of a month after publishing the storeso I can give a very rough estimate of the next build release to be around 2 months from now. Steam will have a huge benefit to the players by providing a fast and convenient method to download and update game builds as well as Steam Achievements etc….

This blog is for major updates and news, but if you wish for frequent news on the status of the game, please the Community Discord!

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Unfortunately I was unable to replicate some other game breaking issues that were reported so if you encounter any, please contact me with detailed steps on how I can cause them on my system I apologise for the delay on releasing a fixed build, I took a break from coding to work on the art-style improvements for the next release, where I refine all existing artwork in game.

Here is a teaser of the Tiana rede that I have been working on! The road-map is a bit closer to being back on track! This update may seem smaller than expected, as the major focus many new items was instead added in the release. The next update will be the [Kinkster] build, which has become a huge undertaking compared to other build releases. I plan to refine as much character and lewd artwork as possible, so that the game will be a lot more visually appealing to all players. So although it will likely release later than expected, I will be posting progress updates via discord on the artwork venture seas patreon along the way!

There has been a thorough testing process on this build, but bugs can be finicky and very annoying for players. Feel free to contact me about anything at: virtuousdevelopment gmail. I mopped up a few more crash bugs and fixed some issues that would affect the flow of game-play. This build was only tested by myself, so may not be as stable as the bigger releases. This means I should be able to fix bugs and implement new game features without worry of shipping half finished features with the bug fix builds. Essentially this is just one more positive step towards more stable builds for all future releases.

I mopped up a few crash bugs and fixed a whole lot of issues that would affect the flow of game-play. For example, your crew now starts with some food items, runecraft kits now restore more runes, you can now compare equipment info when changing equipment, characters now heal when levelling up etc….

Please take a minute to check out the new Patreon for Venture Seas! I squeezed a lot of additions that I expected to add in later updates, so hopefully the roadmap progress will be back on track before long when I release the upcoming [Economy] update!

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