Trials in tainted space quests

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Sep 2, 85 41 The Jungle Leveling Up Stay in the upper jungle and get enough XP to hit level 2, then retreat to your ship to sleep and level up. Kase Jungle Entrance Satellite Retrieval On the far east side of the jungle kind of near the probe crash siteis a crashed satellite from Pyrite Industries. After returning it to Kase for a reward, buy out his contract and set him free, then recruit him as a crew member.

The Jungle Leveling Up Stay in the upper jungle and get enough XP to hit level 3, then retreat to your ship to sleep and level up. The Jungle Treasure Hunting In the bottom south part of jungle is a valuable Oxonium deposit worth 5, credits. Also, in the southeast corner is an old Xenogen camp, where you can salvage salable items including the Atma Armor Mark I, which is at least a little better than your Dress Clothes. Last edited: Jul 21, Reactions: LegendaryToastrTeclaSenera trials in tainted space quests 5 others. BoyHowdy Well-Known Member. Oct 2, I feel like it's probably important to at least mention Akane's Quest considering it gives you the Akane's Painslut perk which is still completely broken and two of the best energy weapons in the game.

Even if you don't use them on your Smuggler build, it's still worth mentioning. Actually, going off of that idea, I would also suggest changing the title to "Gameplay Guide for Smugglers," because the gear you want changes drastically depending on the class you pick and it's not like Smuggler is some kind of "go to" class for beginners or anything like that. SoAndSo Scientist Creator. Mar 26, 1, I get if you'd want to make a guide for a game centred on the idea of it being a game where gameplay gets you to other bits of gameplay but this game is uh Tbh, it'd probably be more worthwhile to do a Fetish Guide than just a long-form 'gameplay guide' that doesn't really offer much.

Then again, both ideas defeat the point, really. TiTS is mostly-consequence trials in tainted space quests, non-committal fun that works best when you don't know anything about it. Reactions: MistressSilissa. Evil Well-Known Member. Jul 18, 2, 4, This feels more like the OP's personal playthrough rather than a guide. A guide shouldn't have to go into too much depth, especially for a game where its more about from getting from Sexing A to Sexing B.

Not to mention that people will have their own preferences when it comes to individual matters, especially due to the fact that there are two other classes not covered. Reactions: MistressSilissaBoyHowdy and deleted member. SoAndSo said:. Click to expand Reactions: ShySquare. BoyHowdy said:. Oct 29, 2, 3, My version is much shorter: Grind on Mhenga and New Texas until level 8, occasionally sucking dick at Beth's for monies. Beat the fucking shit out of Dane, go to Tarkus and travel between places until Zaalt encounter procs.

On Uveto, buy all the gear you need, maybe save scum some money at the race track. Grind until level Well-Known Member Staff member. Apr 16, 1, 7, United States. Reactions: LegendaryToastrAthenaDroxzyn and 1 other person. With how often people ask where the Rec Deck is, or how to even get on the Sidewinder, I think this can be really valuable and gives us a really easy place to link to.

All that's missing are maps. I'd like to append a few small things to your Mhenga entry: At Scout Authority base: if you speak to Tanis with a bow-type weapon Zil can drop 'primitive bows' it just has to be in your inventory you don't have to have one equipped you can start a conversation wherein he offers your bow training. From the wiki: Upon meeting Tanis in his office, if Captain Steele has a bow equipped, Tanis will comment on it. He will then offer to train Steele in archery. After Steele trains with him 8 times, Tanis will give Steele the construction plans for concussive arrows.

After Steele trains with him 12 times, the next encounter with him will involve him giving his composite bow to Steele to congratulate. Last edited: Apr 22, Females and fem-boys only. No herms, no dudes. I believe it advances time 7 days and Steele's anal capacity is boosted to and if they had breasts are reduced to an A cup, vaginas are removed, body thickness reduced, height reduced, penis size reduced.

It may not seem like much money at first, but working at Beth's over and over again gradually unlocks new ways you can whore yourself out and as you perform more depraved acts the pay increases as well. To a point. There's a formula of how pay is calculated at Beth's. Also, eventually you've offered all you can to the place and they're promised to get you into a better contract "one of these days". ing this new contract in a hot bad end. On my other play throughs I've found it less annoying to just offer usage of Steele's mouth and never going further than that. Do not be discouraged by the initial cooldown timer working at Beths.

Being on board means Steele doesn't need to move any tiles to rest after a workout, thus making training a lot less annoying than at Ten Ton Gym. Things to consider: by virtue of being on your ship you can multi-task while training. I don't want to train stats! It's boring! Reactions: Athena and sumgai.

Especially since if you do that training you'll get a Concussive arrow special. JVR said:. I was leery of trying this as according to the wiki it can lead to a Bad End if you do it one too many times. Is there a way to avoid that? Also, I consider the real money maker to be beating up Mining Robots on Zheng Shi - that's just a tidal wave of liquid cash. Mar 28, Colony 9. If you are still updating this I would like to suggest adding a guide for completing Chaurmine's quest line since I sometimes see comments from people struggling with the merc class and the weapons he gives are god-tier for mercs.

I could also propose some merc builds since you don't use the class or builds I've come across for the other classes if you are interested. Reactions: ShySquare and Kesil. Thanks for the info. It'll probably be a while before I get back to TiTS, however, as City of Heroes suddenly just came back, so that's where I'm spending my free time at present. Zevos Well-Known Member. May 7, 2, 1, Your gear recommendations are clearly biased towards smuggler.

Also, Dr. Lash bossfight is a thing. Zevos said:. Zewolfy Member. Aug 21, 24 4. Theron Well-Known Member. Nov 8, 1, As Bows, they qualify for Concussive Shot. In general, if you went for a Melee build, you want either the Light Jetpack or Wings, as they allow you to hit flying enemies with Melee attacks. Lunge at Level 10 Mercenary does too. The Climbing Kit eliminates the Energy expenditure. Personally, I find Wings or the Light Jetpack are enough, saving an inventory slot. Trials in tainted space quests get it at 7. As long as you have it, you should be able to regain enough during encounters to make the climb.

The real problem is the fight with Kane beforehand, as he has an Energy draining attack. Getting a vial or two of Zil Honey or some Mhen'gan Mangoes first isn't a bad idea. Or you could rest.

Trials in tainted space quests

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