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The adult gaming market is growing fast and you can play a ton of titles on your Windows PC — but what about more flexible gaming for your Android device? Fortunately, there are some great studios and indie-game developers who have considered this market and plenty of popular titles are available specifically in this format. The Adult. Game network is another popular choice for cross-platform compatible games the majority will run in your browser. From 3D realistic sex and dating sims to battle games, trading card titles and casual clickers, there is something here for every taste and for every level of gaming experience.

Got an iOS Device? See our iOS porn game guide instead! You control your own gang and must protect your territory from rivals as you make a bid to take control of the city. Using strategy you need to expand your mob, improve their skills and conquer new turf as you fight for influence in this action-packed drama. From gangbangs and orgies to one-on-one action, there is a whole collection of sex scenes to unlock as you advance through this game. With amazing 3D graphics, tons of characters, guns, 75 cars and 55 unique skills this Angry Bangers is an addictive game with a lot of appeal.

Read our full Angry Bangers review. Play Angry Bangers for free on Nutaku. This next generation 3DX game by Puppetmaster is available to download from the Affect3D store and features a futanari dick-girl called Brittany. As the title would suggest, this girl is all alone at home and if you had both a dick and a pussy, how would you keep yourself entertained? Easy answer, right? And the natural conclusion top android sex games our protagonist comes to as well…. From self-sucking poses and plenty of toys to use for anal and pussy penetration, there are numerous ways to help this girl cum and when she does…watch out!

Featuring explosive cumshots and squirting action, Brittany Home Alone will hit the sweet spot for anyone top android sex games loves to be in control. Read our full Affect3D review. Developed and published by PhillyGames, Depraved Awakenings is a visual novel title set in Free City where you play the role of a private detective. The game starts as one of your latest clients is found dead but despite the police ruling it as a suicide, you decide to dig a little deeper. Obviously, there is more going on than meets the eye and pretty soon you are ensconced in a dark and dangerous underworld where you risk an imminent bullet to the head for asking too many questions.

You have a lot of control over the direction of this game and the story features plenty of choices so you can play as a good guy or a bad guy. Ultimately, every decision you make affects the end result and there are multiple endings to the game. All in all, we enjoyed playing this game and it seems plenty of other folk did too with a Very Positive rating on Steam. Developed by DarkCookie with the help top android sex games crowdfunding raised through the Patreon platform, Summertime Saga is a free dating sim game.

It promises to become one of the best Android sex games. The main character, a college student, has just moved to this small suburban town following the mysterious death of his father. The XXX content is off the scale and there are plenty of kinks to be enjoyed in Summertime Saga including BDSM, spanking, pubic sex and exhibitionism plus monster girls, gloryholes and trans characters.

Still in development with new content being added all the time, you can download the game for your Android device for free but supporting the project will give you access to exclusive updates. on the best sex games on Patreon. You play the General of a squad of tank girls but instead of Europe, you are battling to save Valhalla. Using the mechanics of a collectible trading card game, you take control of a real-time battlefield to combat the enemy. Your job is to collect girls, build relationships and enhance their skills so you can assemble the best army to defeat corruption in this fantastical world.

The rewards for victory are some stunning sex scenes so not only does your character get a satisfying conclusion but you do too. Overall, the storyline is pretty engrossing and there is plenty in this realm to explore keeping you fully engaged. Free to download on Android devices, the game has some in-app purchases which can advance your progress but not necessary to enjoy Armor Blitz for what it is. Play Armor Blitz on Nutaku. A virtual reality sex sim game with advanced 3D immersive roleplay, SinVR is a newish title developed by an indie studio in Las Vegas and supported using the Patreon crowdfunding platform.

Featuring 18 different scenes and 18 characters, you can mix and match who you have sex with and where with choices ranging from cougars, FemDoms and nurses to dungeons, classrooms and Nordic taverns. Gameplay is pretty simple and there are no complex missions or worlds to fully explore. Instead, you get to enjoy some explosive action with well-crafted VR babes in detail-rich environments. SinVR can be downloaded for Android but this is no longer supported as a membership option. This means you can either try out the free version with some trial scenes or buy multiple characters at once as a standalone option.

Read our full SinVR review. An MMO sex game with over 1. Whilst it might not be the most immersive or realistic sex sim game around, the advantage is that you can chat with other players whilst you play. You can play for free but premium members to this game can access a better selection of sex poses and characters as well as additional customization tools. Read our full MNF Club review. WVM is a visual novel title created by an indie developer called Braindrop and is currently in development with new content and updates added all the time.

The title has a lot of positive reviews in the adult gaming community and the consensus of opinion is that the story is really well-written and the graphics are superb. This includes top android sex games general characterization as well as the insanely hot sex scenes. You play the role of the main character, an orphaned high school basketball player who picks one of the worst schools to enrol in and one not known for its love of sport. Your job is to change all that and to show your new school what baskeball is all about. Updated every couple of weeks, supporters through Patreon do get some additional content, exclusive features and private posts.

Developed and published by the French indie game studio, Kinkoid, Hentai Heroes is a manga harem building game with elements of a visual novel combined with a battle RPG. You play the role of a central character who has been magically transported to a Haremverse filled with sex-starved and cock-hungry women.

Within minutes of arriving you spark a turf war with the neighbor who challenges you to a sex battle between your harem and his. To kick off, you need to start collecting and training women so they can battle their way to victory in a public arena. Most of the game is played in a casual clicker style so you simply need to complete tasks, battle your opponents and develop the skills of your harem.

You get to a team and together you can compete in national and international challenges for additional rewards. There are regular events and challenges plus new quests, characters and worlds to explore all the time. All in all, what seems like a simple enough game turns out to be quite an addictive and challenging little crowd-pleaser.

Hentai Heroes is available to play for free and can be downloaded from Nutaku for Android devices. Play Hentai Heroes on Nutaku. Read our full Hentai Heroes review. The title features some addictive gameplay including face-to-face battles, exciting deck building and a grid-based battlefield. You play as Adam, the protagonist who must defeat an army of monsters by pitching his sexiest ladies of war into tactical battles. Play Cunt Wars on Nutaku. The main character is a private detective, Mia Kowalski, who hallucinates that she has a massive dick. Naturally, this makes her extremely horny and her imagination gets carried away with her as she fantasizes about top android sex games she uses this new appendage.

The for the player means navigating your way through over 50 interactive sex scenes using your finger to move the animation. There are also a similar of looped videos to watch, three of which include full audio. Play Erected City on Affect3D. Published and developed by Hooligapps, this is a match-3 puzzle game similar to mainstream titles like Candy Crush and Bubble Witch Saga. In order to get further in the game you will need to beat each, ever more difficult, level. The narrative of Pussy Saga is more like a dating sim and as you advance through the levels you are approached by more sexy anime women who want you to take them on a date.

After five successful dates or levels you will be treated to some sex. Beyond the simplicity of the matching, there are actually quite a few aspects to this game which delivers more game satisfaction. Additional daily and ad-hoc tasks can earn you rewards and tokens whilst the girls will periodically quiz you about themselves. You can also buy them gifts and improve their personality.

Oh, and keep an eye out for special events where you can earn new girls to add to your harem. Read our full Pussy Saga review. This fantasy game available from Affect3D is a sequel to a popular series created by Zuleyka and follows the further adventures of an elven queen. Just like the original title, The Queen and Succubus there is plenty of inter-species sex action, monster cock and group sex. This second instalment is available for Android and includes 60 high-quality JPEG images and 14 high-quality pin-up files. Though really a mini-game featuring some of the much loved characters from the PC title Whorelords of Draenorit is worth checking out and will introduce you to the fantastical World of Porncraft which has been lovingly imagined by Zuleyka.

An innovative stealth RPG parodying WoW, we hope that this main title is eventually released on Android as well but for now you will have to make do with this one. A casual resource management and combat clicker game, Fap Titans is set in a mythical and fantastical world inhabited by sexy anime heroines and hideous monsters. Your job is recruit the hottest babes and ensure they become skilled enough on the battlefield to defeat your foes. These girls will fight by your side, from oozy slime monsters to evil fairies.

The faster you click, the faster you defeat them but with each new level, the opponents get tougher. This means you have to recruit more babes using the coins you earned in a constant circle of reward-based gameplay challenges. The NSFW content comes thick and fast and lets you enjoy a bevvy of babes in all kinds of hardcore illustrated and animated action. Read our full Fap Titans review.

Deed for Windows but featuring mobile-ready play for Android devices this 3D virtual sex sim offers some of the best graphics around. It is definitely one of the best Android sex games for pure visual thrills.

Top android sex games

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15 Best Adult Mobile Games For Android (P.S. No Kids Allowed)