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And yes… Thanks Grandma!!! I kept a dildo in during a walk in New York City. I have herpes. I had sex in front of a laptop camera while 2, people watched online. I met a man at a party. He offered me 10, to go to bed with him — I did it. I once broke a guys dick during sex…I was on bottom.

I once told a woman I was gay in order to get out of going on a date with her :.

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Happy Holidays! I used to be addicted to tweezing my armpits. Now I just throw up on occasion. I pick my scabs and eat them. I have a thing for d and slight beer bellies. One time I used a case of mistaken identity to have sex with a really hot chick.

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I once got called onto the stage at a sex show in Amsterdam. I have a permanent hemorrhoid down there and my girlfriend named it Roxy. Just hanging out on pavement. After I work out, my vagina smells like a moldy dish rag.

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I had a hangover and puked on myself on the freeway tabo stories bumper to bumper traffic. I tried to be bulimic in the 8th grade but I realized it was too hard to do so I never became one. I tampered with the data in my graduate research project to match my hypothesis. Tabo stories really hate children. Unless, of course, they are smart…. I pooped in the hallway at work after smoking too many cigarettes because I am a nervous person. I am always unhappy with how my body looks. Quite honestly I love binge-eating sweets.

I shit my pants on a date…I was wearing a dress. Sometimes I pee a little when I laugh. What does it mean? I love the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Also, MacGyver is still my hero. When I have a bloody injury, say on my finger, I suck the blood. I have a degree from USC. I have horrible smelling farts. Like warm your pants, tangible green smoke, burn other nose hairs, lingering like an annoying younger sister farts.

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Tabo stories

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Taboo Stories