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Pet Insurance Princess. Check out my baking blog here. Pick a tag! Source: kokoarissa. My medicali with donut bowl, my toro with ace glass cupcake dome, my chameleon glass sandblasted elephant pipe, my midnight glass gold fumed bubbler, my kj minguez 10 mm rig, and my new ebz glass sandblasted minitube! Not pictured is my gold fumed kj minguez 10 mm rig. Truly feeling like myself for once.

Can I have these horns surgically attached to my head please? This Succubus is loving them too much. Darby Holm! My favorite though has to be that gorgeous jdmaplesden X royalsglass collab for sure. To continue from the last post, here are some more shots from the Pipe Masters event here in Seattle at 7 point studios! Got a shot of Royal working, along with some Darby holm work, some Succubus tumblr kobuki marbles, a few Brando pieces look at that rozay bell bottom! Sorry for the spam but more to come! Source: hot-dudes-and-tattoos. The Littlest Succubus.

Subscribe RSS. Hey tumblr. My first cake commission in over a year. I like pink glass. Happiest dog on the planet. Succubus tumblr laughter is the best laughter. Succubus ram horns demon demon girl halloween girls with tattoos tattooed chestpiece tattooed girl.

Succubus tumblr

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