Snow daze: the music of winter walkthrough

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You play as Jason, an unloved son trapped in a house with his three hot sisters and sexy mom. A blizzard hits forcing everyone to be snowed into the same house for a week. With everyone finally trapped in the same house he has a plan — a plan involving musical subliminals and a sexy future. You can totally trust me. We used to be close, what happened? Are you wearing anything feminine right now? I have needs. Want high speed download? Just take a Premium Pro subscription on k2s and get full access. Download links snow-daze-special-edition-win Stuck in the attic he lives mostly to play his cello.

Snow daze: the music of winter walkthrough plays subliminal audio files through the floor of his attic room at night that will let him put the girls into a trance during the day. This is it! The very truly for ever last update of Snow Daze the Music of Winter! This contains some extras and cut content, namely the individual extended endings for characters and bloopers content.

These individual endings are sketch only but do have full voice acting. Kira What do you do for a living? We can totally trust each other. I like silly. Would the doggie like a bone? Go to the kitchen and grab her some meat. Jane Joking Do you want to watch me in the shower? What happened?

Everything is fine. You look really feminine doing that. Sarah Yesterday I told you to pretend to be a puppy when you were alone. Did you? Do you? I was actually about to jerk off before you came in. Sarah Have you been a bad puppy? Noelle Mom, I want to cum on you right now. The best way of helping would be to tell my sisters to help out. If Total Kira Points is 5 or more. Day 4 Noelle You look sexy in that dress. We should all feel good. Normal Ending Brainwash yourself to double down and go for them all. Sarah Pull down your pants and show her your boner.

Did you get off while pretending to be a dog? Your desire is to be my slave. If we started having showers together in the morning. You want to be my slave. True Ending Brainwash yourself to double down and go for them all. Bad Ends A bad end will occur once you choose the following choices. Some of which must meet certain conditions for it to occur. Day 1 Do it now! If Total Sarah Points is 1 or less. Jane Why are you mad at me? What if you all had a shower together so I could watch?

If Total Jane Points is 2 or less. She should do them all! I need to jerk off. Is this about yesterday in the shower? You make a lot of money — how about giving me some of it? It feels good to act slutty. Girls are worth less than guys. If Total Jane Points 5 or less. Sarah You need to be punished. So suck my cock, bitch. Kira You can do anything you want to me. If Total Kira Points is 4 or less. Guilt is bad. Focus on what you feel.

Femininity is your way of enjoying submission. Dominance gets you hot. Game rating: 5 0. Yuhka Erotic Adventures Comment Name Website.

Snow daze: the music of winter walkthrough

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