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Teledildonics are vibrators that will stay inside of you while you go about your day and can be controlled through a smartphone app or remote controls. And while the titillation of just wearing them out in public is often enough, couples sometimes want spicier activities or adventures. Here are some fun sex toys games you can try If you do, you must pay a penalty. Example: take a shot, confess a secret, perform a dare, owe a favor etc.

Locations can be anywhere — quiet restaurant, party, club, dinner with friends etc. One person has a remote and randomly turns it on. Another person is wearing the toy. Right guesses gain a prize while incorrect guesses gain a penalty. Perform whatever instructions it points to. The goal can be to organs or not orgasm with prizes or penalties. The wearer can hand in whatever card they want the controller to perform. DICE — Using regular dice or role-playing dice which have more sideseach is a vibration level you will turn the toy up or down to. If your toy has more than one function, roll two dice.

Sounds simple, but pleasure can be a big distraction. This is easier if you can agree on set levels ahead of time. No more than very different songs. While wearing the toy, and having it synced to one song, the wearer guesses which tune. Car horns during rush hour … is just mean or nice.

Want a sex toy connection that can reach around the world? Cut a circle from firmer paper, divide it into slices and write whatever information you want. Push a thumbtack or coin through the middle.

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This makes a simple spinning top. Alternatively, instead of a pin, you can place a fidget spinner on top of the paper disc and put a dot on one arm as the stopping point. Easy to carry around and offers more options.

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Also, if you want more sex toy tech articles, you might like these:. Thank you for your comment, we will review it as soon as possible. Then it will show here. Do you have any fun, wearable sex toy games that you can play in public and not get arrested? Robyn TagsSex Toy Games. Post Comment.

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12 Orgasmic Sex Toy Games - Have Fun With Your Teledildonics