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Enjoying it so far but absolutely stumped on what i should do to get past the orange flame. I ca already bring 2 party members and have beaten all the bosses apart from the memories on the blocked off part of the beach. There is an item that explicitly says it deals with flame barriers, but it's in an area you probably haven't thought about in a while WoW, being able to jump is like literally the best thing ever, you move faster, and you don't have to ouroboros rpg game walkthrough when an npc traps you in a cornder and won't move.

Found a bug, at the first city you can jump over the trigger that blocks you from going south when your racing to the castle. I'm afraid that if the game is lagging on your computer, you can bug a variety of things like this. I've tried to make it impossible to jump over all the critical triggers to avoid game-breaking bugs. Ah ok, if its just me that's not so bad, just thought it was a bug so i thought i would give it a report. Added to the post! I do not know what I'm doing with this, I just selected the proper option and built the deployment.

I hope you can take the file and it will work properly? Please let me know how the game plays on Android, there's been zero testing on the platform. From what little I could play on Android, the only issue that prevented the game from being playable on a touchscreen is trying to implement a jump. Not sure if that is across the board for Android solutions or just that one in particular. OH dear lord, the s of the battle system is fine and pretty fun, but please some how find a way a speed up the battles, i really don't want to look at 4 bats attacking me o Is the game lagging on your computer?

Sorry about that, MV does not seem to perform very well compared to ouroboros rpg game walkthrough. I've done a of things to try to streamline combat, and I'd implement more if I had more ideas. I'm not lagging, it's just that the base combat animations take way to long to happen, it'd be nice to turn off animations. The worst is that one enemy attack animation, dire desperate strike? That's like seconds, which is like enough time for me to read a sentence or two of my novel while playing this game.

Anyways, no a days everyone has the attention span of a gold fish, so waiting for the animations is uhhhhh??? Sorry for the complaints, but the base animations for MV are so freaking long. Try using Cheat Engine speedhack to speed up combat. I'll bite. How in the world do you get past that orange flame?

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How do you get in good with Tiera? I'm at a loss, I didn't ouroboros rpg game walkthrough to ask but after trying continously with no am at a loss. I'm not sure how much of the game you've uncovered. The answer to the Teira question is "The same way as everyone else" - if that doesn't make sense, right now you don't need to concern yourself with the orange flame or any other characters. I've done about all I can think of.

I have a similar issue to the guy above. Ouroboros rpg game walkthrough done just about everything, got all the items, done multiple cycles, beat all the bosses. I just haven't been able to figure out the last step to Teira's "quest" or what have you. Shame too, she's my favorite. One bug I ran into is that my character mentioned 'Now for the ambush' after getting the second artifact in the ice dungeon, when he shouldn't be aware of it Though bugs like this are probable, I can't duplicate this one - you have unawakened Atreyan mentioning the ambush after getting the artifact?

Anything unusual you did on your way? Yeah, I distinctively remember it because it was kind of an odd thing to say, but at the time wrote it off. As for doing anything unusual, not really, I went clockwise on the switches starting with the north western one after looting all the chests that weren't behind ice.

I suppose I interacted with the artifact chest a second time after flipping the first switch but other then that no. The hit chance is terrible annoying. Overtime an random walking npc stands in my way, something inside me dies. The break the pattern thing isn't much fun. Still it makes fun. Did I mention that the break the pattern thing is really not funny at all?

As for NPCs - does jumping over them not work for you? As for breaking the pattern, I'm not sure what you mean. Are you running through the game repeatedly without doing anything different? Never thought about that I can jump over the NPC, really good to know! Well then is the terrible hit chance just my bad luck. Thanks for your answer. Tried it again. It's quite good once you know how and what to do, but know I wish every RPG Maker game has this unnatural jumping skills.

Damn all of you random walking NPC's that are blocking my way! Could you please write a walkthrough? I have already got stuck quite a few times, because I forgot one important line of dialogue. Also, how does the affection system work?

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There is no way to display current affection, and when I got a "you have to do better if you want something good to happen" message after one dialogue with Emantha, reloading and spending all my gold on gifts and giving them to her didn't change a thing. This game seems pretty good, but I feel very lost when playing, because so little is explained.

Ah, and since there is absolutely no reason to fight mobs, constantly trying to get around them and battling them when caught is rather frustrating. This game can be great, but so far it has been a quite frustrating experience. If you want to break it, you need to do the opposite of what they say. Doing this ouroboros rpg game walkthrough answer your question about the affection system, and it also starts reducing the of mobs. So that's how it is. I only played up to a point where you meet the fairy, so I had no idea.

This game is about cycles, going through the game multiple times, breaking the rules, Stanley Parable style, is it? That was very unexpected, I didn't get the impression that's how it would be when reading the preview. At all. Hm, but I think in The Last Sovereign the twist was done better, safer.

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It was in the very first minutes of the game, you didn't have time to get confused. In this, however, I have already played for over an hour and started to think I'm doing something very wrong. That's where my frustration came from. If you wouldn't have responded to me, I would just dismiss the game as another bad porn rpg, delete it and forget about it. To be honest, I'm terrible at games like these. I will try playing more anyway - I already started, may as well try to finish it. I'll have one request, though. When releasing games like this, you really should write in the description some more hints saying what the game is truly about.

Maybe put them in some kind of spoiler tags, so they are not visible by default and only people who do want to be spoiled will read them. The game's concept isn't bad at all, it's great. But now, knowing what the game is about, I feel I downloaded a game, that is completely different from what it was described as.

No hard feelings, but this is the first time I experienced such a thing. Okay, feedback received. If you don't mind, can you provide me some more information so I can try to write future previews better? When you ouroboros rpg game walkthrough this part: "A kingdom is under attack. A princess is in peril. Our brave hero just needs to rescue her and save the day What kind of game did that make you expect?

What pieces of the preview or my work gave you the impression that this would be a straightforward game? Sure thing, let's do it. The hero has to save the princess, but during his quest something happens related to the "suspicious" in the quote. Nothing suggested the cycles and replaying the game here.

Additionally, everything ouroboros rpg game walkthrough to be set up like a proper porn rpg - affection levels, a city with simple quests seemingly leading to sex scenesclear goal to be reached. Nothing out of ordinary. Of course, now that I know what will be going on, the quote does make sense. But neither the preview, nor the first hour of the game have shown me anything saying that this game is not straightforward. I played for over an hour being sure that I'm playing the main game, the main part.

Apparently, it was just a prologue, but nothing made me think that. The preview is just so generic, that it really doesn't tell you anything about the game and its plot.

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I see. That's a fair interpretation, and one I should have ed for. I have yet to think of a way to preview the actual game without making the twist no fun at all, however. Coming back to add: I should have been clearer that I'm grateful to you for providing extensive feedback, and I'm sincere in trying to take it into. I feel like with enough thought I should be able to come up with a better way to pitch the game, and you'll have been helpful in that.

Thank you. It's great to see a developer who cares so much about his work.

Ouroboros rpg game walkthrough

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