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Log in. New posts. Forums Adult Games Games. Discussion Reviews This game is a wall of text with minimal sex content. You will see the first sex scene in prologue and then spend hours drinking and reading some meaningless conversations with Snape or your own portrait. The game itself is unplayable without guide, because you always have to guess the right time, place and items to do something meaningful. It feels like a scam and a waste of time. Extremely underrated.

The artwork is fantastic and it is super easy to lose time playing this game. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I think y'all would too. Really fun and really hot. Game story is good enough for play-for-the-plot guys, but for others who want to fap the game is extremely slow the whole act 1 dont have a single big porn scene bt the dev is working to renew the plot and adding more juicy contents throughout the game so look foward what can they do Art, music, character de is fucking delicious for me.

I'm so bored at 3D char so 2D art like this game is amazing. Main reason for voting this 5 stars is the displaying. Hermione, Luna, Susans and Daphne is fucking hot, i'm looking forward for more Hogwart character would be introduced. Inconclusion, juicy art, good plot and interesting gameplay is what im going to say about the game. This game has the opposite problem, being that it is sooo.

It legitimately took me multiple IRL days to get my in-game dick wet. The game part is really well done though. I would give 5 stars, but the pacing is enough to dock one or two. I ended up going with 4 stars, since I would end up recommending it if you're into the slave trainer kinda genre.

The major gameplay loop of Innocent Witches is Save Scumming, and hitting the Skip Ahead button on scenes the replay dozens upon dozens of times, but not holding it in lest you miss a rare time you have to pay attention to a visual and then choose the right option based on that tell.

You'll learn that though, because those repeat dozens of times too. Beyond the gorgeous art and some cute writing, this is another game with systems that were obviously cobbled post-hoc to a linear visual novel, jury rigged in the RenPy engine, which is not meant for game de besides very slow paced point-and-click adventure games.

Instead of using Unity to innocent witches scenes a Papers Please style beuracracy simulator with naughty stuff as a reward for this game where you play the Head Administrator of a magic school, you as the player will spend most of the innocent witches scenes spamming invites to girls, and your decision making is to make sure certain boxes are filled or not. You have to check your journal, which is another clunky RenPy menu, to make sure you're inviting the girls on the right day under the correct circumstance. There's a 12 hour system, but since you don't control what hours girls come to your office, it doesn't matter.

It's bloated and awkward.

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The major decisions you make are also up against grinding up stats that are simply mechanics meant to slow down the pacing so the player doesn't chew through the meager content too fast. There are four indistinguishable attributes, which are linked to each of the four waifus. You can push a button to improve two of them daily, but it eats up hours of the day.

Frankly, this sucks. Again, if this was in a better engine, each training could be a minigame. Intelligence gets a wordfind. Perception has a simple hidden object game. Control with a precision-mouse based thing. Brutality has you squish cute little cartoon animals IDK. Point is, you'll be holding the Skip Ahead button a lot. Even with the grind, there is a lot of downtime. To further pad things out, actual required progress is sometimes gated off to two days a week, for like 4 or 8 weeks, with nothing to do during the course of the week besides grind stats and money!

This is terrible game de! Innocent witches scenes not gate off major parts of progress off like this! Let the players play the game at an even pace! The naughty stuff is an interminable drip feed of softcore stuff. The four hardcore yes, there are only four so far in this porn game that's been under development for years take hours and hours of grinding past repetitive input loops. Play a with grinding skippable slider puzzle 9 times to see some panties. Match a girl's expression to a color of underwear 11 times though it will randomly repeat, so you can do this literally dozens of times just to see panties.

Guess some lore trivia to see progressively more underwear until you get a boob flash.

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Guess flavor combinations over and over to get another boob flash. Good god, just de your game to be shorter! You don't have that much content, stop padding it out!

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A Harry Potter smut parody shouldn't take this many hours! Life's too short for this crap! Other game developers can push out finished products with interesting gameplay with just as good of art much faster than this. The art keeps this from being a 1 star. After 8 hours of play more or less and with cost it is possible to see a tit, scenes H are minimal, only with Mcgonagall a couple of times and stop counting, for 8 hours you can only see Susan's breast and a blowjob with Ginny, outside of that it is very repetitive, there are hours in the game that nothing can be done, you can only skip hours and that already tells you that you have to repeat many things Maybe the only good thing is the character des, but Daphne's, it's very good, outside of that it's very meh, the story starts well, I thought you would escape from Azkhaban to be a teacher but I think it's reliving your "past"then from there well I did not find out much I do not know, I am not a creator of games but it should be redone, it seems to me, since there are few H scenes and history, at least there would be enough history and little H, it would be understood but you are a "teacher" innocent witches scenes sitting on the plaice.

No content you want just filler crap most of the update, don't waste your time, the only positive is the great art, a shame there isn't mroe of it, or that it goes with a story with any form of comprehension. This game is a mess, the only reason why I gave extra star is just because the only saving grace are the amazing artworks. Gameplay is very tedious and frustrating, it has similar concept with the other dating simulation where you build up relationship and progressing at certain routes.

The problem is, the pacing are terrible and very very slow, and its even worse with the reward that's not worth it for all that troubles. There are few puzzles thrown in the mix, but that is also not really interesting. It also doesn't help that for a "parody game", the story is far too convoluted and easy to lose interest.

In the end, if you're looking for a gameplay If you're here for the sex If you're here for the arts, well Very good game 7. It would be nice if they took over more mechanics from the series to expand the gameplay and also more variety in terms of female characters to interact with.

I hope someone else make more playeble potter parody. The only thing good about the game is the artwork, and i would rate it atleast 2 stars higher for that, but gameplay is just such a slog, that i just can't do it. The story is pretty funny.

And of course, there is Hermione. In conclusion, if you have time, try this game. If you need an instant fap, go find another one. Excellent game with slower pacing, can try if you are a HP fan. Recommended innocent witches scenes 5 start rating to support the developers. An amazing game, plenty of fun minigames and very satisfying development with the girls over time.

Innocent witches scenes

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