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Gardens are such peaceful places: colorful, tranquil, quiet except for the comforting buzz of a bee or the fluttering wings of a bird.

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Yet they are a hotbed of we blush seduction and sex. In their unassuming ways, plants actually control reproduction between the sexes and within their species, Huegel says.

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Plants seduce pollinators using a variety of wiles, including color, scent, heat, edible pollen and shape, the USDA says. Defense mechanisms plants employ include thorns, prickles and spines, and cellular activity such as toxic chemicals released on undesirable pollinators.

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Huegel says his study of botany and the active reproductive lives of plants definitely has affected his outlook. With my pets, I worry about them, take care of them and am happy when they succeed.

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Gender selection, naturally Many plants also seem to control gender overpopulation. Related posts.

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Garden sex

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