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Up to 2. The odds of high school graduation drop ificantly with each time a youth runs away from home. Often, conflict at home is a large part of the reason for running away. Four shelter beds are available for runaway and homeless youth at all times with two emergency shelter staff on call 24 hours a day and available to address the individual needs of each youth. Shelter and crisis support is provided for up to 21 days with follow up and aftercare services available at the end of shelter stay.

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The goal of residential services is to stabilize the family unit to ensure individual success and reduce the risk of runaway homelessness in the future. Placement options will be evaluated should a family placement not be attainable i. Non-residential services are provided to those youth who do not need the emergency shelter services.

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We believe that there are a great of teens and their families than can benefit from having a direct link to the services they need. Safe Place exemplifies how communities can collaborate to provide immediate help to youth. Safe Place involves many aspects of the community including but not limited to businesses, youth service agencies and volunteers.

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Nationally, businesses such as fast food restaurants, convenience stores, and community buildings like fire stations and libraries are deated as Safe Place locations. These sites, identified by the diamond shaped, yellow and black Safe Placeare conveniently located in areas where the need is greatest. Any young person in a crisis situation can walk in and ask an employee for help.

Sally Kate Winters Family Services will be contacted and within minutes a Safe Place representative arrives to meet with the youth.

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Counseling and shelter is made available if needed. Safe place connects distressed children and families with resources they need to keep them safe and provide them with support and guidance. Safe Place is currently in over 1, communities in 38 states. National Safe Place Week brings attention to and heightens awareness of the Safe Place program that has helped overyoung people in crisis. National Safe Place Week recognizes the nearly 18, businesses f95 shelter thousands of volunteers nationally who give their time, resources, and energy to make our country a safer place for young people.

If you would like to become involved in this community program, please contact our office at For more information: www.

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email: [email protected] - phone:(448) 514-9263 x 5787

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