Erotic date margaret and walter

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Walter is a local bartender just trying to make a living. He keeps his head down, serves the drinks and makes sure everything runs smoothly. However, tonight Margaret is here alone. She erotic date margaret and walter lost and depressed. He genuinely wonders if there is some way he can cheer Margaret up but at the same time part of him dares to hope for more. She has no plan and she feels alone, vulnerable and betrayed. She simply left their home. The place and the bartender never failed to bring Margaret joy in the past and at the moment she could really use a drink.

Margaret has had a small crush on the bartender, Walter, since the first time he poured her a drink. Beyond that he is handsome and erotic date margaret and walter when she thought she was happily married she could never stop herself from imagining what he looked like without a shirt on.

And every sip of tequila is making her that much more curious. I do not want to think about what happens when a few months? He was sarcastic. He has the images and the text. He will programme for two to three weeks. LwT2 in June is double confirmed.

First he needs to programm ELE2 new scenes and test it. LWT2 is more complex to programm and test because in the introduction to the game, you get to choose whether you cheated with Lisa in the first game and so have a continuing relationship, versus you have not seduced her yetand whether Justin and Tracy became swingers in the first game or not. That means different scenes, situations and dialogues check LWT post 40 in New Lagoon site for more information.

So yeah its not gunna be that soon. Congrats to all. Although short, it was great to play. Good erotic date margaret and walter, great graphics and really good game mechs and the sex scenes are awesome. Hope LwT2 uses the same mechs. Good job. My subscription goes on. Has anyone figured out how to get anal on the pool table? She says she wants to experiment, but when you try to push a finger in her ass, she gets pissed. I also gave up on going after anal in the pool. I got it in the restroom, but I have no idea how to convince her to do it in the pool.

Even after she talked about her fantasy about anal with a killer. Everything maxed atblowjob and sex…only ending 3. Anyway in order to get: when she is giving you bj at pool do not remove from her mouth. Do not follow her at the bathroom. Gorgeous renders and smooth animations. As for other sound effects: I feel like the moaning during the sex scenes can be very hit or miss in many of your games. But here, it sounds a bit dull and monotonous…. But I feel like the writer did good within the limits of the time frame of the game.

The characters and premise is a bit cliche. But the dialogue is really good and the characters well defined. Game mechanics: Not much to it. But sometimes, simplicity is key. The dialogue options are clever and most of them rely on the player thinking about the consequences of the choice of dialogue in line with the relation meter. Some of the touch points are just blind luck, though I suppose that is the intention. All in all: A nice little game.

By no means my favourite… But I feel invested in it when I play and can see myself return to it regularly. Registered just for this one post. First, the game is very clever in the use of its resources: You can start at the bar, then the pool, then end there or in the restroom.

Or you can start at the bar, briefly visit the pool and end in the restroom, or even return to the pool. Discovery of 2nd Ending revealed two things: endings are cleverly hidden. Way too cleverly, perhaps. The second thing is a bug. A funny one. One that I hope is never fixed, because it would worsen replayability: you can cum in her throat an infinite of times. Either go straight to the restroom and then to the pool or directly at the pool to the point she sucks you. Then follow her to the restroom and suggest going back to the pool. It is a long, long night, baby.

Any ideas? Same here. I think I tried all different choices in the game but I always get ending 3. Very nice short game. The time-limited options were a nice touch as well, reminded me of Alpha Protocol. Adding on to my post. What made me really enjoy this game are the of possibilities, numerous excellent renders for each situation, explicit sex scenes where the action is viewable in its entirety, the decisions based on the text are logical except for the wc initial dialogue where I think the first answer is more plausible given that she is already hot and wants some action.

Eleanor2 which I played numerous times and do not find very good could benefit from copying this game. Also I have been able to get only the endings 1,2 and 3…. Any possible hints guys??? Keep it up. But now they have removed that sentence, so maybe it was a mistake and there are only 3 endings. When she was on the table — the first red box, skip to the second click — the third propuskaem- cums in her mouth, below the red rectangle miss-get 2nd ending.

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Erotic date margaret and walter

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Margaret And Walter Erotic Date