E621 breasts

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! Breasts that are unusually large. Usually with notable sag and often e621 breasts visible even when viewed from behind. Equal to or exceeds the bearer's head in size. The full range of breast sizes can be approximated using the following tiered system. There will always be a few cases that are difficult to place in one category or the other; just do your best to fit them into one or the other. This isn't an exact science, these are just boobies we're talking about here so don't stress about it too much.

A character with no breasts. Might be considered "average-sized" breasts; B to C-cup sizing, dependent on the frame size and shape of the character. You must be over the age of 18 and agree to the terms of service to access this .

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Breast sizes. Do not use this tag for malemalehermandromorph or other manly body types.

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Do not confuse with andromorph. Most cub characters are generally flat-chested, but most loli will have either a flat chest or small breasts. Equal or exceeds the bearer's head in size. Over 18? I agree and am over 18 I do not agree, or am not over

E621 breasts

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