Desire walkthrough

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Remember my gaming list from this post HERE. However what I noticed was the puzzles in the game can be kinda hard. You have to click the computer after desire explain about the to unlock the mini game. Wow, this took longer then expected. I tried to write this as quickly as possible. Hi, I'm Shi Hui We get a little crazy here. Shi Hui is such a common name but the Shi Hui that we are speaking to is this ambitious Shi hui with 3 mediums As linked below. Besides that, she also does desire walkthrough variety of different jobs because why not. Life is always changing and yet the same for Shi Hui.

Thus, it is important for Shi hui to find an outlet where she can be raw and authentic. This is the place. Welcome to the bubble. Pop desire walkthrough if you dare. Open the door and click on the tool box. Click on it to take the board. Now that you have all the items, you can start making love spell. Open your inventory. Open your inventory again and drag the saw to the board to get 6 wooden sticks. Open your inventory again and drag the hammer to the 6 wooden sticks to make a box.

Now, as per usual, open your inventory and put the egg in the box. Drag the egg box into the hole. Head over to the aunts who are playing cards and desire walkthrough talking to them until the option reduce and the conversation repeats itself - This is actually how the whole game works. Talk to dad. Tell him the new issue of Tilt is out. Then click all the options. He will leave but for a short while but you can repeat this until you get what you need in the room.

When he leave the room, get the camera on the right of the room, next to the enlargerclimb up the left table to get the poster with the half naked woman. He will give you 50 francs for a malbro Leave the room and go to your room opposite the photo lab, behind the aunts Once in the room, take the walkman off the ground.

Talk to him until the option reduces and the conversation start to repeat. When you go in the school, David will stop you and take the walkman from you. Speak until the conversation reduces and repeats itself. Drag the poster with the half naked girl on it to him.

Follow David. Climb onto the sink and drag the camera to david. Get down and head to the playground. Go upstairs to the library. Head over to the girl reading the photography manual. Click on the book she is reading. Keep talking to her even though she ask you to leave her alone.

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Leave the library. Head to the guy sitting there. Talk to him until the options decrease. Offer him a deal where you will give him the latest tilt magazine as long as he go on a date with Sophia. Leave the school. Head to the newspapers on the right of the school. Talk to the sailor until the options run out. Head over to the news stand on the right. Read the newspaper in front of the shop. Head over to the person selling newspapers and ask for the latest tilt magazine.

Use the money father give to by the magazine. Head back to the sailor and give him the remaining money. Go back to desire walkthrough intersection and head over to the faculty of medicine where mum works. Ask mum for the mouse. Leave the place. Head back to school and drag the latest tilt magazine to Nicolas. Desire walkthrough back to library. Walk over to the table and read the photography book. Here are the instructions: 1 Pour the developing fluid into an empty tray 2 Expose the negative to the light in the enlarger 3 Bathe the paper in the tray for a few seconds 4 Leave it to dry Head over to the right side of the counter which the supervisor sits and leave the rat there.

She will see the rat and run away.

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Search the desk. Leave the library and the school. Go home. Use the key and open the cupboard on the left side of the room. Take the flask out. Pour the flask in the basin. Move the camera to the enlarger. An exposed photo will come out. Drag the exposed photo to the full basin.

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A developed photo will appear. Take it. Leave the photo lab. When he is preoccupy with it, take the disk off the bench. Leave the home.

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Go to school and go to the left side of the screen where the chapel is. Walk to the chapel and head to the confession booth. Ask the priest for the card. Confess everything to the father. Go out and talk to Nicolas.

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Leave school. Go to the medical clinic. Go to the right of the screen and click on the buttons next to the lift. The operator will stop you. Talk to her until the options run out. Leave the medical clinic. Go to the Faculty of medicine and request to see the shrink today from mum. I need to speak to him. Leave the faculty of medicine and go back to the medical clinic. Talk to the operator again and ask her if you can see the shrink.

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Click on the buttons on the lift and head up. Once on top, use the disk with the padlock to break it open. Open the locker and take the porn tape. Go back to school. Tell him you stole the porn tape.

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Ask father about the copier card again. Head back to the library and drag the card to the copier. Bonus scene: you can kick the ball back and after awhile, it will come back to you. Basically the story now is, the company is firing people and moving people overseas.

Talk to Elma until you have no options. By then the train will come. Head over to open door storeroom and open all 3 cupboards. After you open the 3 cupboards, Elma will call for your help. Go back out. Talk to him until he pull out a knife.

Desire walkthrough

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