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Anonymous asked: Dear Astroblob, I was really close to someone and now I'm not and I wish I could stop thinking about the 10 years of friendship we had and how they seem to have moved on without another thought.

We were teenagers when we met and our friendship was one of the most important relationships of my life, she influenced who I am so intensely that I feel like I've lost a limb sometimes. There wasn't a big boom or fight, it just sorted of faded away over small things that I thought we would work thru.

Anonymous said to advicecomics : Dear boyfriend, how can I get over someone who acts like I no longer exist? Please help. Anonymous said to advicecomics : Dear boyfriend, I have this problem. But, sometimes I feel like I give people more chances then they give me. Comic sex tumblr this a stupid thing to do? Why, do I want to keep talking to someone who has completely ghosted me and acts like I never exist in the first place.

They constantly criticized me and compared me to others, they would flirt with other people and then get defensive about it. Why do I miss them? Anonymous asked: heyadvice comics, the latest comic "Anonymous asked: I've been thinking a lot about the DNA If you can please it bigger! Dear anonymous, thanks for your concern. Please see last post with a link to the aforementioned comic generously ed!

Anonymous asked: I've been thinking a lot about the DNA that we keep leaving in some snail trail after us: all the flakes of skin, hair, eyelashes and fingernails. Is anyone able to pick up on these occult codes? Is anyone following me? Is this paranoia, or some healthy critical thinking? Is the parts of us that flake off eventually make up more than our current body? Anonymous asked: Dear boyfriend, I am so confused. At parties I'll flirt behind his back.

I think I just like the risky feeling of doing that What the hell is wrong with me? I think that if I really comic sex tumblr love him I wouldn't do those things

Comic sex tumblr

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