Cheating sex stories reddit

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It's never OK but there is some sick enjoyment we get out of the misfortune of others.

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Pictures Source:BodyAndSoul. Chalk it up to Schadenfreude, but there is something sickly satisfying about the dysfunctional relationships of others. Just in case you needed to laugh, cry, or just feel better about your relationship today.

Let's just get one thing out of the way first: cheating is awful. It's dishonest, it almost never ends well, and will likely result in a lot of hurt. But there is a juiciness to this deceit so long as it's not happening to us, a little Schadenfreude perhaps—the idea of finding pleasure in someone else's misfortune.

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After all, there's a reason our hunger for celebrity gossip and shows like Jerry Springer are so insatiable; among other things they make us feel better about ourselves, and potentially someone's dysfunctional relationship can, in a pretty messed-up way, validate our own. Hey, I never said this was a good thing. Redditors have been sharing their cheating stories on the social platform since its creation 15 years ago, sometimes seeking advice, other times to offer it.

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Here are some of the most scandalous cheating stories we've been able to uncover for you to guiltily enjoy. Like what you see?

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up to our bodyandsoul. The stories have gone viral on Reddit.

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Image: iStock. I found out the next day. Not that there's ever a 'good' time to cheat, but you have to admit the timing of Endlessnite's story makes for the ultimate scumbag.

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That is all. On her birthday, she requested that all four boyfriends buy her the same purse neither knew of each other ," writes user DinosaurFriend. All four boyfriends are extremely pleased when they see her wearing the 'purse he got her'. Sophie Goulopoulos. Related topics Sex.

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What fresh hell is Netflix's new dating show, Sexy Beasts? How to spot, and cope with, a pathological liar. Can relationships survive if one partner wants kids and the other doesn't?

Cheating sex stories reddit

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People who walked in on their SO cheating, what did you do? How did you walk in on them?