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He is a patriarch of large family, which are the cofounders of Big Dad piracy. He also reigns over Totto Land as its king, seeking to form the utopia where all races can live together in peace without experiencing discrimination.

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Due to using his advanced ability of Soul-Soul fruit, he managed to stay young look like in age of He had a rather cordial relationship with Whitebeard, and was seen distressed by the news of his death. He was widely known as Wicked Spirit as he sank the half of Giant Warrior pirate fleets by his thunderbolts from his homie Zeus. Personality Differ from his female counterpart Big Mom, LiLi is genuinely a kind and doting father for his children without favoritism and keep his wives who are proven to be a good mother.

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However, he is not entirely blind from negative side of family as LiLi LOATHES child abuse and created a law of executing any abusive parents, even if they are among his family wives or married children. He is proven to be forgiving when his children makes mistake, only scolds them with a kind smile as he was greatly respected and loved by them in return.

Stage 1; wrath, as when angered he is capable of taking down any powerful beings including giants.

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Stage 2; Gluttony, as the eating disorder kicks in he craves for the sweets, not caring what types or tastes in specific details. Even neither of those are satisfied, he goes into bloody ram to the point he might commit cannibalism.

Big mom tumblr

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— Worst Generation Trio + Kaido & Big Mom from One